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Southwark, London

We were asked by the local community to help them with their campaign to save their community garden from being appropriated by a development on adjacent land. The garden is situated on land owned by Southwark Cathedral within the bombed-out nave of All Hallows church in Southwark, London. Local people created it and have tended it for over 40 years with the blessing of the church. It has become a much-loved place of peace and reflection.

We agreed to help the Save All Hallows Campaign when we saw how much the garden meant to the community. Their positive attitude to creating proposals that could meet the needs of Southwark Cathedral, who are the developers, as well as the community, was inspiring. After talking with the community we devised a scheme that had a broad mix of facilities including: craft workshops, studios for artists and writers, dance practice, music rehearsal space, a gallery and craft shop with café. The programme carefully balances the respective needs of Southwark Cathedral and the social requirements of the Copperfield Street community creating a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable building. The scheme has been presented to Southwark Cathedral authorities for their consideration.

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