03 Acc kill 02 flat
This was a competition organized by the RIBA in conjunction with several local councils in north east Lancashire, UK. Altogether there were six sites under consideration of which, we chose to submit proposals for three. The brief called for public art proposals that were to be set on strategic high points across the region. Areas of commonality across the projects include the processes of design and manufacture. The electronic design files would be directly used to prepare CAD/CAM files which in turn would be directly used to drive the cutting and bending machinery used in production. One aim of the process is to reduce costs, but of broader significance, the technology has a direct impact on the way the pieces are designed. Reflecting or embedding the means of production within the finished design is part of the artistic proposition. The digital design technology also enables us to express forms that would be virtually impossible to describe using a more traditional process.
01-Blackburn-plan-far-flat.jpg 02-Blackburn-front-pers-flat.jpg 03-Acc-kill-02-flat2.jpg