04 Blackfriars Hotel Second colour web


Close to a bomb site, this listed building was badly damaged, and at one point in the early 1950s was derelict. In the late nineteenth century it had been a guest house but had since been used as offices and residential accommodation. It's prominent position on London's Blackfriar's Road, close to the Cut, and a short walk into the financial district, suggested it might once again become a hotel for discerning customers.

With virtually none of the original features left in the building, its conversion has the potential to create a contemporary, unique and personal environment, of tremendous comfort

Taking care to remove insensitive additions that have accumulated over the years, our approach has been to reveal the attractive Georgian proportions of the internal spaces, and reveal to the modern traveller some of the elegance enjoyed by Georgian visitors.

We have kept to a simple palate of light, high-quality finishes, that keep closely to the theme of elegant understatement.

Construction is expect to commence fall 2013.

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