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Grand celebrations call for grand surroundings. Such places provide the backdrop for indelible memories of important events in our lives. This modern interpretation of a ballroom is inspired by the conception of a harmonious universe. A dragon chandelier suggests an eastern philosophical potency. The main volume of space is punctuated by rings of ceiling representing existence – an abstraction of the universe common to several mythologies. They also provide a sense of scale and rhythm to the space. Between the rings are dark regions with points of starlight. The venue accommodates a diverse programme from weddings to fine dining and live entertainment, as well as corporate events. The hall can accommodate up to a thousand people. It is designed to be flexible and can be subdivided to host smaller functions more intimately. Side rooms provide break-out facilities, and a cocktail bar. Elegant dressing rooms cater specifically for cultural events such as weddings where costume changes are an important aspect of the proceedings. Back-of-house facilities include a special kitchen for vegetarian food. The City Ballroom will become the centrepiece of a hotel, hospitality and conference venue.

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