05 Dot 03

From a long, thin office shell of raw concrete, we created a suite of contemporary studios, with high quality communal areas and facilities. Also engender a sense of community in a rental space shared by individuals and small companies.
There are simple ‘boxes’ of accommodation, organised off a central circulation spine of chill-out, library and support space allow individual occupants to remain self-contained and work undisturbed, while at the same time feel as if they are part of something much bigger. Partition walls are made from exquisitely detailed birch ply and the floors from polished metal. All studio furniture is white and desks are arranged in islands of four, each desk complete with its own sophisticated IT set-up. An installation of coloured, fluorescent lights, vertically suspended from the concrete ceiling and inspired by artist Olafur Eliasson, delineate the relaxation area and give the studio a warm, human feel.
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