07 Yorkshire outside


The design broief for this invited design competition is to create a landmark building that will set new standards in environmental design as well as reflect, raise and enhance the profile of the farming community it represents.
Our design is a single-storey building that is naturally lit, ventilated and cooled. More importantly, the low-rise design negated the need for traditional foundations, which would have disturbed ground identified as contaminated. External walls are constructed using gabion - a wirework container that has been filled with natural stone obtained from a nearby disused quarry. The dramatic form of the building’s main roof acts as a marker for the ground’s gateway. It’s patinated copper construction, together with the roof of the office block, will be covered with the fleshy leaves and star-shaped flowers of the sedum plant. This solution is not only low maintenance, but also provides a striking complement to the showground’s setting.

01-Yorkshire-inside.jpg 02-Yorkshire-CON01.jpg 03-Yorkshire-CON02.jpg 04-Yorkshire-CON03.jpg 05-Yorkshire-CON04.jpg 06-Yorkshire-CON05.jpg 07-Yorkshire-outside2.jpg