06 Front perspective


Traditional Arabic courtyards can be wonderful places. But from outside the gardens are hidden usually showing only a plain wall to the street. Who could guess at the wonders that lay behind?
The courtyard provides quiet, shade and intimacy - an oasis to enjoy tea and other delicate refreshments. By bringing the shade, water and beauty of the garden to the heart of a city square, we aim to humanise the hostile spaces between buildings - civilising the city for the enjoyment of its inhabitants.  
The pavilion begins with a flat canopy that cantilevers over a pool of cool refreshing water that forms its perimeter. Into this pool falls a curtain of water which encloses the garden, without creating walls.
Inside, fabric tents - inspired by perfume flasks - appear to grow from the ground penetrating through the canopy. These tents create shady places where people can enjoy views of the scented garden or out over the pool to the city beyond.

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