Corfu Pool bar basalt lean column web2

Corfu, Greece


Linedota Architects was commissioned to develop the design for the new pool bar in this luxury hotel on the island of Corfu. The relatively simple structure takes inspiration from the Modernist master Mies van der Rohe who of course was classically trained. It also reflects the language of the main hotel building.

A second minor order is imposed on the basalt rock cladding of the bar and kitchen. Giving the pool bar structure a sense of layered complexity.The poor bar is imposing at 5m tall, and is open on all sides allowing the cooling sea breeze to flow freely throughout.

Perfect in the heat of a Greek summer. Seen from the pool, the structure frames the magnificent view towards the Albanian coast.


We are also asked to develop the design for the improvement of the waterfront villas in this luxury hotel. .

A private pool is introduced to each of the villas with an outdoor dining pavilion perched on the edge. We take an approach that stripped back the original ad-hoc pergolas and porch, which cluttered the villas. The freshened look of each villa now resonates strongly with the Modernist language of the main hotel building.

01-Corfu-pool-bar-plan-web.jpg 02-Corfu-Villa-plan-web.jpg 03-Corfu-Villa-entrance-web.jpg 04-Corfu-Villa-wide-web.jpg 05-Corfu-Villa-close-02-web.jpg 06-Corfu-Bungalow-lower-plan-web.jpg 07-Corfu-Bungalow-upper-plan-web.jpg