01 Grand stair WITH AMPULES 01

Crete, Greece

Feona Cheng worked with WATG on the design of the poolside luxury suites for this luxury hotel on the island of Crete. The result are chic and modern suites decorated in shades of ivory and blue with bespoke headboard and internal screens that capture the essence of this chic hotel.

In 2017, Linedota architects was asked to resume work on the upgrading and renovation of the public and guestroom corridors. The grand staircase fell short of its function as an impressive centrepiece at the heart of this hotel. Linedota Architects was commissioned to strengthen its visual presence and improve the safety of this important circulation and ceremonial route.  

A set of display plinths was introduced to the inner side of the stair grand staircase, to provide a showcase for local art pieces. The new plinths are asymmetrical to the existing plinths on the balcony side. Compositional balance is created by reflecting the original plinth profile as the baseline for the new handrail.


01-Grand-stair-WITH-AMPULES-02-with-context-flat.jpg 01-Grand-stair-WITH-AMPULES-ELEVATION.jpg