Dot 2018 02


From a long, thin shell of raw concrete, we created a cutting edge co-working space for creative individuals and micro-companies.

Simple ‘boxes’ of accommodation are organised off a central circulation spine delineating chill-out, meeting and service spaces. The arrangement allows individual occupants to focus on their work environment, whilst at the same time feeling part of something bigger. Partition walls are made from exquisitely detailed birch ply and floors from polished metal give a distinct warm yet raw feel to the space. The studio furniture is white, with desks arranged in islands of four. Accent and feature lighting reinforce the architectural features whilst dimmable work lighting transforms the space for evening and special events.

Dot-2018-01.JPG Dot-2018-03.JPG Dot-2018-04.JPG Dot-OLD-03.jpg Dot-OLD-04.jpg