01 Devereux 06A


Despite its prime location, rents for this office space were 30% below average with occupancy sometimes as low as 10%. Linedota’s brief was first to identify why and then to transform Devereux Court into a desirable, prestigious and profitable space to rent.
Site visits and trained eyes quickly pinpointed the main problem - the building’s entrance looked cheap, untidy and uninviting. Linedota’s solution was to construct a transparent, glazed entrance screen that made the way in look both welcoming and safe. Contemporary and stylish, too: a double curved wall was tiled in red glass mosaic and illuminated by powerful red lighting to create a dramatic and eye-catching flash of colour, clearly visible from the street. The effect was complemented with a simple white limestone floor and low-level white glass lights. Within 2 months of the transformation’s completion, the entire building was fully let with rents at a premium for the area.

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