04 Lobby flat


Flying high. The QFBA aspires to become a business school of international standing attracting the highest calibre students and future leaders. From the moment a student enters the academy our intention is to convey a feeling of respect and value where an individual is inspired to rise to their full potential. In the way a fine painting has its own light to properly illuminate it, so we have bathed each of the lift doors with a warm coloured light so that on arrival at the academy each person will be properly illuminated as they enter from the lift. To the visitor this will feel something like a spotlight – a metaphor for the business stage they aspire to stand upon. A magnificent glass feature created from a series of printed glass fins around a curved wall now stands before the visitor. Each glass fin is coloured with a unique image inspired by the QFBA ethos. Walking around the feature the images appears to move and shift suggesting the dynamic path that a student might expect to follow throughout their career. The glass feature is lit with a series of vertical light stripes of acid white light. We seek to evoke a strong sense of the future. Above is a ceiling feature with a ‘swoosh’ feature suggesting the learning journey ethos of the academy. This feature is lit with deep orange light adding warmth to the space. The floor of the lobby is of polished white rubber. The walls and ceiling are white providing a canvas for colourful students within the art work of the feature wall. The atmosphere will be bright yet moody. The whole project is conceived on the principles of ‘Cradle to Cradle’ design.
01-Breakout-01.jpg 02-Breakout-05.jpg 03-Lobby-no-glass-flat.jpg 04-Lobby-flat2.jpg